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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] WiFi for tracking ?
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> Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> > Just in case you weren't aware, APRS can do
> exactly that and it isn't
> > restricted to the other party having to have a
> particular mobile phone.
> > Think HamHUD, OT1+, Tracker2, T2-135 etc. not to
> mention those
> > that run something like UI-View while mobile on a
> laptop. There are
> > lots of options to allow APRS users to navigate to
> another APRS user.
> >
>    Actually, no, they can't "navigate" in the usual
> meaning of the 
> term.  They can all help you get a bearing to the
> other station, but 
> it's a very cumbersome process to actually get
> there, especially  if 
> you're talking about an urban environment.  I.E., it
> doesn't help much 
> to know that the other station is 6.8 miles from me
> at 236 degrees when 
> there's a maze of buildings, one-way streets, and
> limited access 
> highways between us.  On the other hand, having the
> GPS automatically 
> start rattling off "Turn left in 500 feet..... take
> second right" *does* 
> constitute navigating you to the destination -
> particularly when the 
> target is moving, and the GPS adjusts as necessary. 

The D700/D7 and other radios/TNC combinations CAN do
this.  All you need to do is allow any of the TNCs
that support waypoint uploading to upload the
collected information to the GPS of your choice.  Once
you do that, you can ask the GPS to navigate to any
waypoint, in this case an APRS station.  In addition,
the waypoint information is updated constantly as new
information arrives from the TNC.  So if you're trying
to track a moving APRS target, the waypoint will move
and the GPS will simply reroute you accordingly.

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