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[aprssig] Re: Messaging stuff

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Aug 14 18:45:24 UTC 2007

Earl Needham wrote:
> At 11:04 AM 8/14/2007, Keith VE7GDH wrote:
>> I've can only imagine the joy of keying in a message on a D7. The 
>> HamHUD has
>> canned messages, but using the whiz wheel, custom messages can be 
>> entered.
>         Yeah, but it's a pain in the neck, especially while driving.  
> I suspect it's no easier than using the D7 for messaging, and may 
> actually be more difficult.
>         I actually have given up on messaging while driving, but 
> occasionally somebody will send me a message while I am moving.  When 
> that happens, I sometimes try to find a place to stop to answer it, 
> but usually just ignore it until I stop maybe 3 or 4 hours later.
>         7 3
>         Earl

I run a "full" APRS installation mobile; i.e. UIview running on a laptop 
connected to a D700.  This vastly simplifies messaging while mobile.    
I have a nifty keystroke automation program ( "KeyText") running in the 
background, that can issue ANY sequence of keystrokes (including 
control-alt-fn-key combinations, cursor-key movements, commands, mouse 
clicks, open or switch windows, etc) in response to a single key or 
"chorded" (i.e alt-shift-F3, etc) keypress.   I use this to trigger 
canned responses to incoming messages when I can't type. Keytext can 
either force commands similar to a batch file, or actually activate a 
phantom mouse to  pull down a menu, select a dialog box and then 
simulate typing into it like a human at the keyboard.

I have velcro spots stuck on or near the keys involved so I can grope, 
one-handed without looking, to trigger replies.  I also have these 
"tactile" labels near the PgUp, PgDn and F9 keys for zooming in UIview 
and forcing a manual beacon. 

[ The signature line I place at the end of each of these posts is 
"typed" into the email composer by two mouse clicks on the Keytext icon 
in the sys tray next to the clock.  I have several signatures that I use 
for different purposes.  Further, since the signature is not part of the 
email program, it works just as well for local clients like Outlook or 
Thunderbird, and for web-based clients like Yahoo mail. ]


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