[aprssig] How Much Antenna for PCSAT?

Amir Findling sarlabs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 15:50:26 CDT 2007

I've made some satellite contacts using a Pryme AL-800 whip on the D7, 
but not with PCSAT for which I used an Arrow II. Also I did not use the 
whip vertical but mostly pointing from horizontal to almost directly at 
the ground. Good luck doing that on a moving motorcycle! Now maybe if 
someone else is driving it and you are just hangin' on for dear life on 
the back seat... Be careful though...

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gerheim at cox.net wrote:
> I've been trying to hit PCSAT with a D7.  Apparently, the rubber duckie isn't enough wire.  Will a telescoping whip do any better?  
> KB9GVR has been having some success.  
> My goal is to send it an APRS packet from a moving motorcycle, so big antennas are out of the question.  I almost managed it back in January.  
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