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[aprssig] Porting to the New APRS Wiki

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Aug 14 21:30:28 UTC 2007

Ok, I *think* I've got it set up now to require email confirmation 
before editing.  I may have to do the same for commenting.  A better 
captcha will take some time to set up (gotta get the Python stuff 
installed) but I think the email thing should be enough for the moment.

I managed to restrict the sysop account from editing anything (including 
the system messages) in the process, but I think I've fixed that as 
well.  Let me know if it's restricting anything it shouldn't.


> Let's hope all this work is not in vain -- if spammers can get in to this one
> easily, it's all time wasted.  Let's all monitor the "Recent Changes" page 
> and watch for signs that it's been subject to spammer logins and corruption.
> The faster it gets locked down tightly (via better captchas *and* by email
> confirmation requirements), the better.

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