[aprssig] Re: How Much Antenna for PCSAT?

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Tue Aug 14 21:44:03 CDT 2007

At 04:27 PM 8/14/2007, Richard L. Beggs wrote:
>Arrow Antenna Cheyenne Wyo.

Be careful of where you use your Arrow Antenna.  I have one, they're 
great.  But they they do raise eyebrows when being transported via 
airports.  And using them in public view can cause curious crowds or the 
unwanted swarming of security guards in your employer's parking lot.  Many 
years ago I did an impromptu AO-27 demo to a large group of people in the 
parking lot at Mt. Rushmore on a day when the mountain was obscured in fog 
and rain.


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