[aprssig] Re: Messaging stuff

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 15 10:07:04 CDT 2007

> Although I respect your dislike for the messaging 
> capabilities of the D7/D700 radios I have to tell 
> you that I use my D700 everyday in my car when 
> I go to work and back home and I do not find it 
> difficult to reply with a short OK or 73 or back 
> home ..

The John Hanson Keyboard Interface for a PS2 keyboard is a great solution.  Just plug it into MIC hack, and plug Mic into it, and done.  Mount a Miniature PS2 keyboard in your mobile and you are done.

In addition, on the D7 or D700, you can easily send similar replies to any new incomming message.  All of your previous replies are still in the MESSAGE list, and all you have to do to re-send them to someone else is simply bring  them up, hit the MSG key, re-enter the new callsign, and hit OK.

So while traveeling, I usualy enter a few such typical reply messages before I begin the trip, and then I can simply use them as REPLIES as I drive.

The new D710 has 5 pre-eneterd "phrase" memories that you can pre-load.  And insert these phrasaes into any message with a keypress..


The new D710 has 5 "prhase memories" where

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