[aprssig] Re: Messaging stuff

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Wed Aug 15 10:53:56 CDT 2007

At 02:50 AM 8/15/2007, sv1uy wrote:
>Although I respect your dislike for the messaging capabilities of the D7/D700

         Well -- I was actually talking about the HamHUD, HI!

>As for the driving part of APRS have you ever tried Voice Alert? It is a very
>good idea.

         Yes, and I think I have had exactly TWO contacts via Voice 
Alert.  One was with Bob Bruninga, in the middle of nowhere when I 
heard his packets and he heard me calling him.  The other was with (I 
think) Lee Dahlen.  Both of these were maybe 4 years ago -- wonder 
where Lee is now?  I haven't heard from him in a long time.

         I'm currently only running APRS in the truck, with no voice 
capability, so am not transmitting 100 Hz PL.  Last time I was 
running Voice Alert, though, when I went through a large city I 
started hearing several digipeaters break through the PL.  Not sure 
if the digis were transmitting 100 Hz or if the AX.25 was just 
"fooling" my decoder.

         7 3

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