[aprssig] Voce Repeater Initiative

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 16 21:27:23 CDT 2007

It looks like the UTAH boys are getting on board with the new
APRS voice repeater initiative now.  I was lucky to visit Logan
Utah for the annual Small Satellite Conference and got to meet
with a bunch of APRS operators in the local area.


It appears that they agree with all the advantages to travelers
of having these frequency objects show up on the front panel of
the D7, D700 and HAMHUD displays to alert visitors to the
recommended local repeater frequency...

This makes it easy to find another live ham operator to chat
with when visiting an area.  Please see the details for how to
put your locally recommended voice frequency into  your local


If your local area is not yet on board to this new initiative,
then read the above web page and see if you can motivate your
digipeater sysop.  If you drive through an area and your radio
does not display these frequencies on your STATION list, then
ask the local APRS fellows why not?

Spread the word...

These objects work in all KPC-3+ digipeaters and in UIDIGI ROMS,
DIGI_NED and maybe others...

Bob, Wb4APR

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