[aprssig] Remote Monitoring of Temperature

Matt Hunter Matt at 1-x.net
Fri Aug 17 17:45:13 CDT 2007

The opentracker has an onboard temperature sensor, as well as it
supports the Onewire weather stations and sensors. I'm hoping to setup
my wilderness camp up with a small solar setup to monitor the
temperature inside the camp this winter. A $100 solar panel, solar
charger, and a marine deep cycle battery will easily run the radio and
sensor equipment.

Matt, KB1IKN

Dave Sloan wrote:
> Hello,
>    We have a repeater that is on a remote mountain top (just over 10.000
> feet). We have several systems co-located in the same building with our
> repeater. The temperature of the building has been an issue in the past. We
> are adding another occupant to the building. I have suggested that we
> install a weather station (placing the temperature sensor inside) and then
> output the data using APRS. We have a digi that is already located at the
> location and so was thinking of using a different frequency. Does anyone
> have a suggestion for a frequency (maybe even on 440 might be best)? Any
> advice or suggestions will be appreciated.
> Thanks & 73,
> Dave N0EOP
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