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[aprssig] Remote Monitoring of Temperature

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Fri Aug 17 23:03:53 UTC 2007

Gday Dave,

There is a device called a SiteAlert that plugs into the back of a TNC and
provides telemetry for temperature, PTT count, auto-reset on digi failure,
battery voltage etc. http://www.aprs.net.au/Site%20Alert%203%20Web_2.htm

The unit has the ability to send Alarms via an APRS message when thresholds
have been reached. We send the APRS messages to an email address via an APRS
Email gateway.

We have about 7 of these running in our APRS network and find them very
useful. http://vk3.aprs.net.au/digi_site_graphs.htm The unit can connect to


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> Hello,
>    We have a repeater that is on a remote mountain top (just over 10.000
> feet). We have several systems co-located in the same building with our
> repeater. The temperature of the building has been an issue in the past.
> We
> are adding another occupant to the building. I have suggested that we
> install a weather station (placing the temperature sensor inside) and then
> output the data using APRS. We have a digi that is already located at the
> location and so was thinking of using a different frequency. Does anyone
> have a suggestion for a frequency (maybe even on 440 might be best)? Any
> advice or suggestions will be appreciated.
> Thanks & 73,
> Dave N0EOP
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