[aprssig] Which Weather Station for a Mountain Top Digi

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Thanks Scott I passed your comments along with the link to the TAPR kit to
the rest of the CMRG board.



Dave N0EOP


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Any recommendation for a weather station to be installed just over 10,000 on
a mountain top? The weather can get very severe on top of the mountain and
we don't want to waste the money and more important the time (takes almost 3
hours of travel time for most of us to reach the site).

Dave N0EOP

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Hi Dave,

I have had a great experience with the TAPR T-238+.  Our solar powered WX
station W0DVM in Divide Colorado Has been running 24 x 7 for many years. The
T-238+ has a nice power reduction mod which turns off the transmitter when
not in use. It will also send your battery voltage appended to the normal WX
packet each hour. Power drain with the display back light disabled is about
85ma with a full host of sensors.


Scott - N0LNE


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