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[aprssig] New Orleans APRS?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Aug 20 16:39:42 UTC 2007

Just happened to zoom in on New Orleans.

I know they have lots of problems to deal with down there, and
so I hate to kibitz from afar, but they have an excellent digi
in the middle of downtown and the only others are 37 and 45
miles Northwest towards Baton Rouge.  None of these digis seem
to indicate they are New-N configured at least as can be seen
from their beacons.

I am sure they have their hands full, but it would be nice if
someone was able to help them out by updating their digi
settings.  Since their beacons are not New-N complaint, it is
impossible to tell remotely what they can support.  

These things are part of the New-N paradigm and help travelers,
visitors and responders to communicate quickly:

1) Overlay should be "S" if new-N complaint
2) TOCALL should be APNxxx to show the type of TNC (one is)
3) Posit-text should show supported paths such as "Wn,LAn-N..."
4) if they are not WIDEn-N capable, then they should support
WIDE1-1, and advertise that.
5) If they are New-N  capable, then they should also announce
their recommended voice frequency too... Google for "APRS and
local info"

Again, not meaning to kibitz unduely, but whatever system is in
place, even if it is not capable of WIDEn-N, the existing digis
need to include their capabilities in their beacons to inform
all users, visitors, and responders...  It takes the guess work
out of APRS...


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