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[aprssig] KPC-3 Plus - no tones

Bogdan, Rick rbogdan at ursinus.edu
Tue Aug 21 23:11:57 UTC 2007

Help!  My KPC-3 Plus lost it's tones.  I have three of these units and
never had any problems with any of them. It receives ok and transmits
with out any tones.
I'm running it in KISS mode using Ui-View .  I gave it a RESTORE D
command from HyperTerminal, came back said PRESS (*) TO SET BAUD RATE, I
did and it asked for my call, I entered it and the unit stopped
responding.  Hit the RETURN key and the curser skips down a few lines
and there is no other response.  Did RESTORE D again with the same
response.  Now it doesn't receive either.
I've had this TNC since '00 and the last five years running it as a
IGATE with out any problems till now.
Rick ka1udx
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