[aprssig] Local Repeater Initiative Progress!

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Tue Aug 21 21:27:24 CDT 2007

So how long will it be before the satellites start "advertising" their voice
repeater modes in such a way that the 710 radio can autotune?
That will be such a boon for setting up odd splits for SST and ISS.

On 8/18/07, Bob Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Progress on Voice Repeater Objects!
> This is good news for APRS mobile travlers to see the local recommended
> repeater frequency on the front panel of their radios no matter where they
> travel.
> Just checked the web page and we are up to about 204 voice repeater
> objects from an initial 87 back when we started pushing this initiative in
> January.  The goal, is one local voice repeater frequency object for every
> APRS New-N digipeater.  (Probably about 1000).
> See web page:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/localinfo.html
> The breakdown down is as follows:
> 147 MHz = 61
> 146 MHz = 62
> 145 MHz = 33
> 44X MHz = 48
> Of course, only the KPC3+, UIDIGI-ROM and probably DIGI_NED can do these
> objects, and that is OK.  That's most of the digipeaters in the USA.
> The format is very specific to be compatible with D7, D700 and HAMhud
> mobile display devices.  See the web page.  The new D710 can even tune to
> these objects with the simple press of the TUNE button.
> What we are trying to do is get human QSO's back into the mobile radio
> experience.  When you get this FREQUENCY object added to the digipeater in
> your area, then also monitor it and QSO those visiting APRS mobiles as they
> pass through...
> Also run Voice Alert to pick up any simplex QSO's.  If you have a spare
> unused 2m rig in the shack, you can monitor Voice Alert (144.39 with CTCSS
> 100).  But please do not connect this radio to packet.  We do not want any
> home stations transmitting Voice Alert PL-100 packets 24/7 !!!
> I'm visiting in Fredericksburg VA, and there is a signal TXing VOice-Alert
> PL-100 all day, and I cannot get any response from him.  REMEMBER!  Voice
> Alert is an active CQ and it is inconsiderate to other listeners to be
> banging out "CQ's" and not being there for a response.
> WB4APR, Bob
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