UK OS Maps for APRS? Was RE: [aprssig] KNOPPIX and XASTIR

Dave Baxter dave at
Wed Aug 22 03:38:25 CDT 2007


Crap results, bad data (if any) for the UK, though that was some time

The best results so far, involve using the excelent PA7RHM MapServer
add-on for UiView, but not the latest version, that has problems saving
static maps.

I make a collection of static maps for the intended route and
surrounding areas before heading off, and use them..

At a pinch, I could do it on the move, but the cost would be cripling at
3UKP a meg of mobile data.


Dave G0WBX.

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> Have you tried generating your own maps using RadioMobile?
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> On 21 Aug 2007, at 09:46, Dave Baxter wrote:
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> > If the UKOS would allow us to use their raster maps in any 
> > application, that would be wonderful, I'd even pay a fee for it...!
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