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John A. Ficke - WT4M wt4m at wt4m.com
Wed Aug 22 08:08:23 CDT 2007


Have added our Tidewater wide area coverage 2m voice repeater:


and our local club meeting:


While trying to format the comments for each so they would display correctly
on the D700/D710/D7/HamHUD (don't own any of these at the moment, and
probably still need to adjust the comments) it occurred that someone with
some programming prowess might be able to develop and extremely useful web
based tool.

Perhaps something that would let you enter a hypothetical comment line to
see how it would display on the various radios.  Thus facilitating the
choice of an adequate "universal" comment string...  I would be happy to
host it if that was an issue.

Just a thought from an aircraft technician that likes to play programmer
from time to time...


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Subject: [aprssig] Local Repeater Initiative Progress!

Progress on Voice Repeater Objects!

This is good news for APRS mobile travlers to see the local recommended
repeater frequency on the front panel of their radios no matter where they

Just checked the web page and we are up to about 204 voice repeater objects
from an initial 87 back when we started pushing this initiative in January.
The goal, is one local voice repeater frequency object for every APRS New-N
digipeater.  (Probably about 1000).

See web page:

The breakdown down is as follows:

147 MHz = 61
146 MHz = 62
145 MHz = 33
44X MHz = 48

Of course, only the KPC3+, UIDIGI-ROM and probably DIGI_NED can do these
objects, and that is OK.  That's most of the digipeaters in the USA.

The format is very specific to be compatible with D7, D700 and HAMhud mobile
display devices.  See the web page.  The new D710 can even tune to these
objects with the simple press of the TUNE button.

What we are trying to do is get human QSO's back into the mobile radio
experience.  When you get this FREQUENCY object added to the digipeater in
your area, then also monitor it and QSO those visiting APRS mobiles as they
pass through...

Also run Voice Alert to pick up any simplex QSO's.  If you have a spare
unused 2m rig in the shack, you can monitor Voice Alert (144.39 with CTCSS
100).  But please do not connect this radio to packet.  We do not want any
home stations transmitting Voice Alert PL-100 packets 24/7 !!!

I'm visiting in Fredericksburg VA, and there is a signal TXing VOice-Alert
PL-100 all day, and I cannot get any response from him.  REMEMBER!  Voice
Alert is an active CQ and it is inconsiderate to other listeners to be
banging out "CQ's" and not being there for a response.


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