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[aprssig] Waypoints to GPS Receiver: Navigation

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Wed Aug 22 13:43:44 UTC 2007

I believe that Wes AI4PX ran into this same issue with
him Map276C.  I think he had to badger Garmin until
they admitted it was a problem and fixed it in a
firmware update.

Over in the HamHUD community, we have been beta
testing new firmware that has $GPWPL waypoint output
for any GPS that can accept them, such as the Map60
you have.  This is the same feature available on the
Kenwood D7/700 radios, ADS's OpenTracker 1+ and
Tracker2 and the obscure Anti-Tracker (which I think
was only homebrew hardware, never in production).  I
have been testing the new HamHUD firmware with a
Map176C, eTrex Legend and 60cs.  All are working well
and DO NOT append the repeated waypoint with a numeric
identifier.  Instead, they just redraw the waypoint,
with the same name, at the new location on the map. 
This make mobile APRS mapping a real treat!

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics
HamHUD Team - www.hamhud.net

--- gerheim at cox.net wrote:

> I finally have a GPS receiver that _receives_ NMEA
> data. A little experimentation has shown that the
> GPS receiver (GPSmap 60) attempts to uniquely name
> each waypoint it receives, even if they come from
> the same station/SSID.  
> For example, waypoints from WA1XYZ-15 may be named
> "WA1XYZ 151", "WA1XYZ 154", etc...
> This leaves about 3 questions:
> 1) Is there a way to navigate to a "moving target"? 
> If I navigate to "WA1XYZ 151", it'll keep sending me
> to where WA1XYZ _was_ when that waypoint was sent.  
> 2) Is there any rhyme or reason behind the naming
> convention?  I couldn't figure any out.  The
> characters it appended seemed to be random.  
> 2a) How many unique names can it associate with the
> same call/SSID? My guess is that it'll repeat or jam
> up before it runs through the complete set of valid
> characters.   
> 3)  Is there a way to identify the most
> recently-received waypoint?  
> --
> -Al Gerheim
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