[aprssig] MFJ working on a new SMT version 1270

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Aug 24 19:11:04 CDT 2007

So I guess I'm not the only one still using the venerable XR2211!  Or 
are they going to something else?  I don't know who makes Bell 202 stuff 
other than CML these days.

Anyone tried any other TNC-2 clones against track 1 of the APRS test CD? 
  I'm curious how they compare.  The data points I've got (including the 
MFJ-1274) are all under 900 packets.  The Tracker2 is currently doing 
around 935.  Most of the newer DSP and MX614-based TNCs are scoring in 
the 960 range.  The best I've seen so far is 991, for a tweaked Tracker2 
and a TCM3105.


Tim Cunningham wrote:
> Last week at the Huntsville Hamfest, I spoke with Martin F. Jue, the 
> President of MFJ. He proudly conveyed they are working on a new version 
> of the MFJ 1270 series that will be a surface mount component design. 
> When asked if it would have the ability to plug a programmed EPROM into 
> a socket the answer was "YES". So, keep your eyes open for the new 
> surface mount version of the MFJ 1270 series.

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