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[aprssig] HamHUD II New Firmware RELEASE

Stan Leeds, KC7EHJ srkleeds at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 25 18:03:29 UTC 2007

Steve and all,

Using your instructions and Jason's breakout board, I had no problem 
loading the firmware and having it talk to a TT4 at 4800 baud.  Now to 
make more cables...



Steve Bragg wrote:
> HamHUDders and APRS Enthusiasts,
> It's ready!  Version 2.8.000 Firmware for the HamHUD II Rev E kits has 
> been tested and is released at the HamHUD website (www.hamhud.net).
> Get the zipfile here, which contains everything you need to upgrade 
> (including the Windows Loader program and release notes):
> http://www.hamhud.net/hh2/HH2%2028000.zip
> Release Notes here seperately:  
> http://www.hamhud.net/hh2/HamHUD%20II%20Firmware%20v2.8.000%20Release%20Notes.pdf 
> Major features of this upgrade:
> * KISS TNC SUPPORT.  In fact, this version ONLY supports KISS TNCs (see 
> release notes, we do plan to bring back TAPR/Kantronics mode).  Low-cost 
> KISS TNCs such as the TNC-X (www.tnc-x.com), TinyTrak 4 
> (www.byonics.com), and OpenTracker+ (http://www.argentdata.com/catalog/) 
> have been tested to work well with this firmware version.  Your KPC-3+ 
> works, too, in KISS mode!
> * FRAM-BASED TX/RX BUFFERING.  No more missed packets, and no need for 
> handshaking (software or hardware).
> * GPS WAYPOINT OUTPUT.   See APRS stations plotted on your GPS!  Outputs 
> the $GPWPL sentence for stations, objects, even HamHUD waypoints.  
> Selectable range circle, name truncation, and baud rate.
> * "RUNS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!"   HamHUD kits with previous firmware 
> versions had to be connected to a PC just to prepare the firmware for 
> operation.  No longer.  Build a HamHUD II kit, plug in a KISS TNC and 
> GPS, enter your callsign and icon using the WhizWheel interface, and you 
> are operating APRS mobile!  The default settings work fine in most APRS 
> networks, but are fully customizable from the front panel.
> for high-rate tracking.  Reduces digipeater QRM in dense networks, while 
> preserving the general shape of the track through "corner-pegging".
> Read the release notes to learn about the new Graphical DigiMeter, 
> Day/Night/Stop brightness modes, display of packet/object comments, and 
> lots more!
> Don't have a HamHUD yet?  Order one today:  
> http://www.hamhud.net/webstore.html.   They are so popular, we are 
> starting another kit build already!

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