[aprssig] MFJ working on a new SMT version 1270

Ian ZL1VFØ zl1vfo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 25 15:34:34 CDT 2007

Scott N1VG wrote:


> Anyone tried any other TNC-2 clones against track 1 of the APRS test CD? 
>   I'm curious how they compare.  The data points I've got (including the 
> MFJ-1274) are all under 900 packets.  The Tracker2 is currently doing 
> around 935.  Most of the newer DSP and MX614-based TNCs are scoring in 
> the 960 range.  The best I've seen so far is 991, for a tweaked Tracker2 
> and a TCM3105.

> Scott
> N1VG

How about the AM7910? I've still got about 1/2 doz of those stuck in a
drawer downstairs somewhere...

And just out of curiosity, what were the tweaks for the
Tracker2/TCM3105 combo?


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