[aprssig] Auto-Zoom with Findu?

Derek Koonce derek at dkoonce.com
Sun Aug 26 13:00:44 CDT 2007

Nice site. One is able to zoom in as well. Now if he can set it up such 
that if a station has been heard from more than 24 hours ago, it will 
show the last position? The KML plug-in is nice as well.

Derek Koonce

John A. Ficke - WT4M wrote:
> Thanks Steve, for the response and your fine service.  Any plans on
> eventually making the gmap cgi more "user definable", like the other cgi's?
> Been looking at the various googlized APRS mapping sites to see if I could
> get Jason a suitable substitute for what he is looking for, but no joy thus
> far...  For some reason I cannot get APRS World to load properly...
> If anyone hasn't checked out what our fine Finnish friend Heikki (OH7LZB) is
> doing, it is definitely worth a look: http://aprs.he.fi
> 73,
> John
> WT4M
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> On Aug 26, 2007, at 12:53 PM, John A. Ficke - WT4M wrote:
>> Changing this value determines the level of zoom on the initial  
>> display.  It doesn't appear that any parameters for the gmap cgi  
>> have been made available at the website.
> That is correct, the gmap cgi is for findU use only, which is why it  
> does not appear on the cgi parameter page.
> Steve K4HG=
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