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[aprssig] Weather instruments for sale/swap. Weather node?

John A. Ficke - WT4M wt4m at wt4m.com
Sun Aug 26 18:50:48 UTC 2007



Nice house!  You look to be having entirely too much fun!  Good job!







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Subject: [aprssig] Weather instruments for sale/swap. Weather node?


For those who operate weather nodes I have a couple of Trade Wind
Instruments Wind Velocity Indicators, model A2 I think,  (meters only, no
anemometers)  and a Visipak temp digital readout (4-20ma current loop in,
0-1999 out on digital display). Digital unit works, no temp. sensor, just
the current loop converter and digital readout. If you can use them contact
me directly

Will swap for what have you? Or make an offer.

Picture at http://k1lpi.com/items/wind_velocity_lores.jpg

73 de K1LPI-1, on findu

K1LPI's Little House on the Highway <http://www.k1lpi.com> 
cell 408 307-2831, please leave voicemail



Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile
h?refer=1ONXIC>  search that gives answers, not web links. 

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