[aprssig] Homemade KISS/APRS TNC

jecksons at softhome.net jecksons at softhome.net
Mon Aug 27 03:42:39 CDT 2007

Hai all 

Did someone here had information on how to built the KISS/APRS TNC with
MCS-51(AT89S52 or DS89C450) with TCM3105NL.
There was tons of info with MX614P,unfortunedly here the chip didn't
available.There was but much expensive than TCM3105NL.
According from hardware expert that the probelm was baudrate clock must
precise than MX614 and
we must used PWM or something else.
Need info about TCM3105NL and MCS51(AT89S52 or P/DS89). 

Thank's a lot
Vy 73 and 88

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