[aprssig] Homemade KISS/APRS TNC

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 27 11:53:59 CDT 2007

The MX614P is a pain to order from most of the usual sources.  I stock 
them in small quantities for hobby users:


As for baud rate accuracy, retiming is optional so it should have as 
accurate a baud clock as you can drive it with.  With retiming on, the 
TX baud rate is 1200 +/- 6 bps.

The TCM3105 has been discontinued.  I don't know about the other one.

Speaking of discontinued parts, if anyone knows where I can get some 
LM3909 LED flashers (like at least 200) let me know.


jecksons at softhome.net wrote:
> Thank's
> Hai all
> Did someone here had information on how to built the KISS/APRS TNC with
> MCS-51(AT89S52 or DS89C450) with TCM3105NL.
> There was tons of info with MX614P,unfortunedly here the chip didn't
> available.There was but much expensive than TCM3105NL.
> According from hardware expert that the probelm was baudrate clock must
> precise than MX614 and
> we must used PWM or something else.
> Need info about TCM3105NL and MCS51(AT89S52 or P/DS89).
> Thank's a lot
> Vy 73 and 88
> Yd8bll
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