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[aprssig] APRS - They don't get it (over on qrz.com)

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 00:38:12 UTC 2007

APRS happens to be really good at tracking, that and weather have been
the 'killer apps' for APRS.

I like just listening to 144.39 with PL 100 sometimes, even w/o
TNC/Computer.  I don't find too many folks transmitting with the PL,
but they are there sometimes.

I'd like to get a D710 in the car with a GPS for tracking, but more so
I can see the information being transmitted by other APRS stations.

I don't see the internet integration as a necessity, but a nice add
on, although I wish there was a way to filter out a lot of those non
ham weather stations from findu.

I would like to use APRS a little more as a support tool for ARES.  We
aren't a very active group here in Frederick County, but we try to put
good tools to use in our planning.

QRZ.com isn't all bad.  The Q&A forum is a lot better than talk.
Things were really bad back before the FCC stopped Morse code testing.
 It would be better if you could ignore some users though!

73 de Joe NE3R

On 8/28/07, James <kb7tbt at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think this part has no merit.
> Irrelevant to the application, I rather see the units working at all times
> so when the "manure hits the rotating oscillator" you have one less thing to
> mess with and get working.
> > Speaking of pure APRS and to backup what Bob posted -- how many folks
> > on here are actually using APRS for more then simple tracking and
> > using it with home stations on the air?   Any guesses on the
> > percentage?   (Hmm - we can calculate that from the APRS-IS feed...)
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