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Tue Aug 28 06:50:48 CDT 2007

"why not put together a 2-3 page, concisely worded answer to the question
"Why APRS", for the 'average' Ham."

Well we already have several resources that exist today that supercede that.
The APRS wiki being one of them. I started in APRS in February of '06 after
returning to ham radio from a long absence. I didn't know nothing about
APRS, how it worked, how to set it up etc. I found google to be a very
valuable resource as well.

Through enough research and a lot of questions asked I made my way to this
SIG and have learned and still learning a lot about APRS and it's usage.

My take on all this?

(WARNING: Soapbox comments to follow)

I have the perception of hams who bash things are simply lazy and not
willing to invest any time or effort to learn something new, they just want
something to simply "work", hence the reason why their are idiots on QRZ
that instead of researching the protocol and looking at other people's
experiments etc, would just rather spew their fud about packet radio and how
great it is and all the other stupid senseless reasons they posted there.

I'll admit, I had a hard time understanding some of the underlying concepts
of APRS and all it's capabilities, but I was determined to learn what I
could about it because it had attractive features that I read about that
intrigued me. Case in point, I saw and learned for the first time in the
Spring of 2006 that hams were launching high altitude balloons. I was
sitting one day watching the screen and I saw this balloon object show up. I
had no idea what it was and later I found out it was a balloon launched by
UT and it had landed in the county next to me. I also found out that they
were giving a presentation at one of the local club meetings that same week
and attended. I was INTRIGUED.

Well enough ranting I suppose, thanks for the bandwidth.....


On 8/27/07, Steve Noskowicz <noskosteve at> wrote:
> With all due respect, fellas.  We know what's actually
> 'crippled'.
>   Rise above it.
> Rather than adding more posts claiming somebody
> doesn't know what he's talking about, which just buys
> into what they are trying to do (troll), why not put
> together a 2-3 page, concisely worded answer to the
> question "Why APRS", for the 'average' Ham.  Make it
> factual and respectful, but for the uneducated.  Then
> you can post it over *there* whenever you want and
> feel superior.  It will also come in very handy many
> times in the furure in other venues.  I wish I had
> something like that.
> ...probably just edit one of Bob's pages.  This group
> should be able to do a bang-up job; understatement,
> eh?
> List all the things that light your fire.  Many of you
> can do a much better job that I ever could.  I just
> beacon and look on findu to find out where I am... and
> read the sig and try to learn.  [oh yea, and help a
> blind ham in the area get a digi going so he can use
> APRS for walking around town... with the help of
> anyone with Net access, for findu, and either a cell
> phone or an IRLP link, but that's probably booring,
> too]
> It's neat stuff, but I'm just a tech junkie.
> Yea, I know.  Sometimes ya jus gotta vent...
> I use to have a sig:
> -- You know that sea of entropy we were going to drown
> in?  Well, upon closer examination, it turns out to be
> ignorance.
> 73, Steve, K9DCI
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