Proposal [aprssig] They don't get it

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at
Tue Aug 28 11:07:10 CDT 2007

    Yea.  APRS is a nifty aspect of Ham Radio.  Great
story you have there.  Not a bad name either...

> Well we already have several 
 The APRS wiki being
one ...

\\Rant overflow flag set\\
     Except those types (we know what/who's crippled)
don't know about it and wouldn't go there anyway. (I
didn't realize the wiki existed until a recent flurry
of posts about it)  A concise rebuttal in *their*
space would have more impact for those who are not so
blindly opinionated and would like / benefit from /
some real facts about a subject like APRS (see, not
OT).  The more astute readers would see the troll as a
troll (and probably go elsewhere), but an intelligent
post would show that there are still many who, well,
grew up long ago.  The less astute readers would have
a chance to see some intelligence injected into a
sometimes barren void of childishness.
I do my best to show the better side of (all aspects
of) Ham Radio and that there are mature hams out here
in spite of the drivle.  It was always reassuring to
see an intelligent comment poke through the many
mindless rants I have seen on Usenet over the years. 
I get frustrated at times and blow it, too, but then
there is usually someone who maintains his cool and
shows, by example, a mature presence.
Good luck.  I'm done. 
\\rant overflow flag reset\\

73, Steve, K9DCI
--  People who think they know everything are really
annoying.  Especially to those of us who do.          

There seems to be more truth than humor in this:
> >
> > -- You know that sea of entropy we were going to
drown in?  
> > Well, upon closer examination, it turns out to be 
> > ignorance.   -- Stephen H. Noskowicz 1986

Fussy? Opinionated? Impossible to please? Perfect.  Join Yahoo!'s user panel and lay it on us. 

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