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[aprssig] D700A - Defective GPS cable solved!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 28 16:33:35 UTC 2007

Frank, KG4CQK passes along this tip:

> I had written earlier about problems with defective
> GPS cables shipped with the Kenwood D-700....
> ... Turns out... There [is] some kind of enamel coating 
> on the individual (hair-width) conductors...
> [Fortunately it] melts at a temperature lower
> than solder.  Live and learn.
> When I set up my cable the first time, I had crimped 
> the shield into one of the pins of a DB-9 connector.  
> Being well crimped, but not soldered, it was bound to fail.
> Please pass the word along to the APRS SIG, to SOLDER these

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