OT RE: [aprssig] Prius Battery Life and Replacement Cost (was:ControlHead Thieves)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 28 16:56:44 CDT 2007

> From a well known US document about "whole life" energy 
> costs relating to motor vehicles. ...
> The most environmentaly friendly vehicle?  The Jeep Wrangler. 
> The worst?...  The Prius!!!   The materials in the batteries 
> at that time ... make them virtualy imposible to re-cycle 
> without creating a huge polution problem...

1) By the way, that report has been so totally debunked sine
then as pure bunk.  It was written by a consortium of experts
who have since all been traced back to be on the payroll of All
of the big-oil/detroit/Steel magnates/etc...  All the ones that
want to keep the status-quo...  Do a little more research on all
the papers that have been written since, showing how that
original report was completely fabricated  and distorted beyond
all truth.

A classic case of pseudo-science paid for and pandered to the
big interests.   

2) The Prius uses Nickle-metal Hydride which is 97% (something
like that) non polluting and re-cyclable.  It is only nickel and
maybe some trace metals.  Compared to NiCd, which is well known
to be a big, big polluter.  Again, they ignored the facts and
just wrote to who was paying them.

We need to get back on topic.  But the truth about the
environmental improvement of NIMH over NICD is worthwhile for
anyone that uses batteries.  Do not discard NICD in the trash!
Recycle properly. Don't trash NIMH either, because they are 97%
(or something like that recyclable)...

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