[aprssig] Homemade KISS/APRS TNC

jecksons at softhome.net jecksons at softhome.net
Wed Aug 29 00:53:18 CDT 2007

>I made a tracker with an 8051 type - the AT89C4051 and very soon there will 
>be an upgrade with possibility to receive as well
>but using a newer type AT89S4051
 --->Is this with TCM3105NL?How's about the AT89S52? you using AT89S4051 is 
there posibble to built with TCM3105NL as a modem?
The project which you invented similiar with Bob Ball with PIC16F88.
I'm looking with modem chip.
Thank's in advance. 

Vy 73&88

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