[aprssig] WIDE2-2,WIDE3-3

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Aug 29 11:08:44 CDT 2007

Joe NE3R wrote...

> I remember getting a no no message a while back when I first installed
> winaprs and had a path of relay,wide,wide I think.  I thought it was
> helpful, but personally, I've made it a rule not to correct poor
> operating on the air.

I suppose if anyone has tried to suggest path improvements to someone and 
was met with derision, it could put them off from future attempts, but if 
no-one contacted people with abusive or obsolete paths, they would probably 
use them forever.

> I suppose a quick e-mail or snail mail letting them know that
> WIDE2-2,WIDE3-3 packets from New Jersey are routinely being digipeated
> in Western Maryland and probably beyond. And ask that if it isn't
> a necessity to use a 5 hop path, if they could configure something a
> little shorter and suggest just WIDE2-2.

Sometimes abusive paths are in use just because the user just doesn't care 
about bad practises and whether they harm other users or not. I would like 
to think that most of time it is just because they are really behind the 
times and haven't been keeping up with changes that have taken place over 
the last 3-5 years. I'm not suggesting that everyone goes on a witch hunt 
for every single improper path that they observe, but if anyone sees what 
amounts to an abusive or obsolete path, if they have a minute or two, they 
could attempt an APRS message, or look them up and send a polite email 
message or other means of contacting them and suggest an improvement to 
their path and the reasons behind it. Some people will ignore you. Some will 
tell you to mind your own business and carry on as before. Others will 
listen to what you are saying and understand the reason for the requested 
change. Not all changes will happen overnight, but if everyone made an 
attempt once in a while to contact someone that's using abusive paths, 
improvements will sometimes be made. Someone might be able to argue for a 3 
hop path in some locations, but in most places at least in North America, a 
5 hop path is just not needed or desired. Neither are digis that support the 
old RELAY or WIDE desired... again, these comments apply to North America 
although many other places in the world are seeing the wisdom of adopting 
common settings.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!" 

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