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Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Aug 29 16:41:16 CDT 2007

It's a rather involved topic.  Yes, there's a driver SDK.  Whether you 
need it or not depends on what you're talking to.

What radio are you connecting to with USB?  If it's something that's 
emulating a serial port (including using a USB/serial adapter) then 
you've already got a driver that's making it show up as a com port and 
you should treat it as you would any other non-USB com port.

If it's a human interface device like a keyboard or mouse, then the 
operating system provides ways to access it from user space.  If you 
need to get at the raw USB endpoints, then you've generally got to write 
a kernel mode driver.


Don Bowen KI6DIU wrote:
> This is a little off topic but not really.  I am new to PARS and am 
> trying to understand how it all fits together.  I was a software 
> engineer before retirement and one way I could understand what was going 
> on was to try to quickly program something to talk to various components.
> To that end I picked up the free copy of Microsoft Visual C.  The one 
> thing I have not found out about is the USB interface.  I want to 
> connect to the radio over the USB link.  Can anyone tell me if I have to 
> buy a SDK or have links to how to talk to the USB port with VC++?
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