[aprssig] Repeater Objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 30 08:59:36 CDT 2007

> I contacted the local digipeater owner and asked 
> if it would be possible to add a local repeater 
> object to the digipeater BTEXT.  The response was 
> simply "thanks for asking, but no"...

That's too bad, and it sounds like he is not interested in
exploring it further.  But it is interesting, because under the
New-N paradigm, that is what the BText is for.  It has always
been defined as a parameter for putting out a local RF object.
I wonder if you pointed him to the web page?


Also under the New-N paradigm, pages the use of BText for local
info is presented.  I wonder what he uses it for now?

> I understand that the best place to put an object 
> is in the BTEXT of a digipeater, but if that isn't 
> an option, what should I do? .....
> 2. Set up another digi in my area ?

Not a digi, but just a TNC and radio with DIGI off..  Put it at
the site of the voice reepeater and then it's area of coverage
for the repeater object will perfectly match the repeater
iteself...  A lot of effort when the other digi's Btext would do
it for free.

Just remember that TNC's on 144.39 can never be co-sited with
any 145 MHz repeaters because their inputs are down near 144.39
and you will desense them.  But since this beacon device is not
a digi, and not always transmitting but 1 second every 600, then
those momentary desenses might not be noticed anyway.

Just some thoughts.

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