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[aprssig] Repeater Objects

Joseph M. Durnal joseph.durnal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 19:46:36 UTC 2007

I think for now I'll work on the one hop idea from my home station.  I
can't quite figure out how to configure my software (xastir) to do
something like that, but I'm sure I'll figure out something.  Maybe
I'll be able to a TNC & transmitter at the repeater site one day, but
it seems like a lot of work :).

As for the digi owner, well, it is his equipment and software and he
is entitled to configure it the way he wants.  I don't blame digi
owners for not wanting to setup extra features as they are the ones
that have to put the effort into makeing it work.  In this case, a
simple repeater object may be no big deal, but if every tom dick and
harry wanted their custom object transmitted, it could become a real

73 de Joe NE3R

On 8/30/07, Cap Pennell <cap at cruzio.com> wrote:
> This one-hop idea could have less deleterious effect on our VHF network if
> set to transmit the important Object packet through the particular digi at a
> interval of only once every 20 minutes instead of once every 10 minutes.
> Going through your digi at a 20 minute interval would be no worse (consume
> no more airtime) than would "direct from the digi at a 10 minute interval".
> It all adds up over time.
> 73, Cap
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> Another way to TX objects is to program your TNC's LT1 buffer to transmit
> the object and the LTP path to aprs v <yourdigi>.  Now you can program the
> local voice repeater object to tx via ONE HOP, every 10 minutes.  It is not
> AS desirable as directly from the digi, but it's a good 2nd place.
> Wes
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