[aprssig] Local Traveler Repeater Freq Objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 1 10:43:34 CST 2007

>>> As a computer database type guy...
>>> I don't think I would count on the repeater frequency 
>>> plus one character as being a globally unique string.
> True, it is not absolutely global, but for the purpose of 
> these objects which is local RF only anyway, it just doesn't 
> matter to the application.  But to the purests, that want 
> their object to be  unique on the APRS-IS, we offer them 
> a chance to coordinate their -X if they want the hassle...

Turns out, I wondered why my local repeter object was invisible
to FINDU and now realize this is not an issue at all.  Most
Igates appear to ignore 3rd party format as a loop prevention
mechanism (this is wrong, but another topic not part of this
thread).  So my local 147.105+ object is not being seen on FINDU
or the APRS-IS, so this issue is moot.


> > Why would this matter? ... these objects would be put 
> > on the network via one hop to keep them local.
> > There should not be any conflicts.
> Ah...  No, not even one hop.  DIRECT ONLY.  When these objects
> are originated at the DIGI as they should be, they should only
> go DIRECT. (no hops) If they are digipeated one hop, then they
> go into surrounding areas where users cannot possibly use the
> original voice repeater, and these distant objects them become
> SPAM that kills this whole concept.
> Also by being originated DIRECT at the DIGI only, they also
> fully protected form QRMing anyone, since the digi only
> originates one of these when it hears the channel is clear.
> one hop is used, then this is just another potential QRM
> Bob, Wb4APR

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