[aprssig] Windows US Daylight Time Change Screwup Looming

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Figured I would CC the sig on my reply....
I wouldnt worry about the "unofficial" update.. it's just a registry change,
and I know a lot users using this app.
I'm sure they're will be a dozen more out there between now and March 11th.
Also, if you're worried about Windows NT.. there won't be any patch for it,
but the registry changes are the same as well.
Lastly, if you Google for TZEDIT.EXE, you can get an OS specific version for
Windows 95, 98, or Me (as well as NT, 2K, or XP) that will allow you to
update those systems as well.  I am not sure if the registry keys are the
same as NT, 2k, and XP, but the utility will do the work for you.  Hang onto
the TZEDIT for each OS, and if you're still supporting these older systems
at home or elsewhere, you can update the DST settings if they change in the
future, without waiting for a "patch"
Danny Messano


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Whee do I get the Win2K patch fix??  Or instructions on the registry entries
to be changed?

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

Danny Messano wrote:

There is a lot of FUD around Windows 2000 and the DST patches.

The XP patch changes the registry keys that keep up with the timezones and

their DST attributes.   It is packaged as a patch so it's transparent to the

users and easy to deploy.

M$ decided not to distribute a public patch for 2000 because it's 7 years

old.  You only get so much free support from a $200 purchase.  In the same

breath, they do point out that customers with extended support packages can

request a hotfix for 2000 (if they need it), and they've also made it known

what the specifics on the registry changes are, should one want to update

manually or roll their own update.

Some, like a vendor I use, have made their own 2000 "patch".  Some have

reverse engineered the XP patch (why?).  This could have beem a problem, but

the Y2K hysteria is not necessary, as the problem is pretty much solved.

Not sure why we couldn't have had the links without the anti-M$

rant/agenda...  Let's save that for the APRS apps that break under Vista. :)

Danny Messano

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The patches below will fix Windows 2000 or XP to change on the new 

earlier date.



Sorry, I am not about to install random, unknown, potentially dangerous

"patches" to my systems.

I run Win XP and I have already installed the patch for this from Microsoft,

but if I had older systems I would just CHANGE THE TIME MANUALLY.  Just

uncheck the follow daylight savings time button and be safe.

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