[aprssig] Good 30m Reference?

Mark White jmarkw at ec.rr.com
Sun Feb 4 11:22:45 CST 2007

Joel Maslak wrote:
> I'm looking for a good (and accurate) website on 30m APRS.  I'm adding 
> that capability to my car (those long road trips - sick of having no 
> APRS when in Nebraska [and elsewhere]).
> I've found several sites, but of course they all disagree on things 
> like path settings and beacon rates.
> So, what I'm interested in is, ideally, a general reference for using 
> 30m APRS.
> Failing that, what path and beacon rate should I use while mobile 
> (using a 100W radio into a hamstick, won't be beaconing while parked 
> or, typically, while within VHF coverage)?  I want to see the position 
> get out to the internet system.
> Thanks in advance
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I've played around on 30m APRS.  I would use 'GATE WIDE1-1' or 'GATE 
WIDE2-1' as your path.  That way, if you do make it to a 30m->2m 
gateway, you won't create havoc.  As a test you can use 'ECHO' to see if 
you're making it out.  Most 30m stations digipeat any path with 'ECHO' 
in it.  Just don't use it normally else you'll create much QRM.  Also 
remember that there are many 'lurkers' who don't digipeat but forward 
APRS packets on APRS-IS.

As far as a definitive reference, let me know if you find one.

73 de KE4QKT

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