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[aprssig] Good 30m Reference?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 4 21:10:26 UTC 2007

Regarding HF paths:
> Wouldn't GATE,WIDE2-1 be preferable?  I'm assuming the
> vast majority of people who can put up decent fixed 30m
> antennas and gear should have no problem putting up a 
> 2m antenna that can hit a decent digi.

My thinking included a few minor thoughts...:
1) W1-1 is more universal than W2-1.  So it improves the probability very slightly.
2) W1-1 is a simpler concept that everyone can understand (1 hop) rather than having to explain 2-1.
3) A W2-1 path arrives everwhere as a WIDE2-0 or WIDE2 and makes it impossible to know that it was sent as a 1 hop packet or a 2 hop packet.  Too many people then will criticize the sender, even though he was only sending 2-1.

Yes a 2-1 packet should arrive as a DIGI,WIDE2* packet showing it was one hop, but it could have equally been a WIDE2-2 packet that went through 2 digipeater hops and only one digi identified itself, the other is an old-WIDEn-N digipeter that is not current with the New-N Paradigm.

Bob, Wb4APR

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