[aprssig] Re: Windows US Daylight Time Change Screwup Looming

Danny Messano danny at messano.net
Mon Feb 5 08:10:48 CST 2007


    It always astounds me how many people point to Y2K as an example of
"experts blowing things out of proportion because nothing happened" - when
the reason that nothing  significant happened was because a huge legitimate
problem was recognized, identified, and fixed in time.  I can't speak to the
effect on other industries, but I can guarantee that people would have
noticed when all of their retirement plan money and other savings magically

- Rich


I suspect the DST change could be a huge problem if no one was acting on it.
Fact is, apps are being updated, OS's reconfigured, and obsolete hardware is
being replaced as needed, which many will never know about.

Most people don't realize that these are the sort of things that go on daily
behind the walls of many organizations.  A new worm makes all the news, and
you'll see some company get a couple hundred infections, but 90,000 other
machines didn't get hit because admins were busy for 3 days rolling out
patches or updating AV/Spyware protection.  For many, this means the issue
was just a bunch of hype.. for me, it's a day off after a couple sleepless

This is why so many people fail to run AV on their machines, run updates,
etc.  If it's all blown out of proportion, and just a bunch of hype, why
should I install that crap on my PC if it only slows it down?

My prediction for the distant future is that DST won't mean a thing one day.
We'll all be on UTC, and whole concept of "5PM there" vs "5PM here" will be
gone.  I could care less if I go to work at 1300Z and get off at 2300Z, as
long as I am home at 0200Z for the 13th season of "24".

Danny Messano	 

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