[aprssig] Good 30m Reference?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 5 08:39:40 CST 2007

Concerning HF APRS:
> ... As a test you can use 'ECHO' to see if you're making 
> it out.  Most 30m stations digipeat any path with 'ECHO' 
> in it.  Just don't use it normally else you'll create 
> much QRM. 

Not only that , but you wont decode it either, since all the
other stations digipeat it at the same time and so you end up
with just a bunch of noise that does no one any good.  Yes, by
EAR, you can confirm that something heard the signal, but it is
completely useless for communications.

Yet it is amazing how many HF web pages receommend it!  GRRRR...


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