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[aprssig] European Digipeating standards

Jan T. Pharo la2bba at jpharo.net
Tue Feb 6 19:28:55 UTC 2007

"Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>, Tue, 6 Feb 2007 13:37:55 -0500:

>Came across this old European map of digi standards:
>It is supposed to show what areas hav standardized on what
>paths..  Does it need upgrading?

It does.
It is wrong.
Denmark is brown R,Tn (and has always been)
Norway is a mix (some are insisting on W1,Wn, some are insisting on
R,Tn, some do R,W and so just as before) - hence Red. Polish amateurs
have reported W1,Wn but it might be just as most of Europe: Red.

73 de Jan, LA2BBA
Hvaler, Norway

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