[aprssig] European Digipeating standards

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Tue Feb 6 14:25:55 CST 2007

Jan T. Pharo wrote:
> Kai Gunter Brandt <kai.brandt at hjemme.no>, Tue, 06 Feb 2007 20:31:02
> +0100:
>> If every country is going for one standard then it should not be a 
>> problem(localy), but visitors have to change their setup.
> As I have asked before: _Who_ in a country or a region will decide
> that the country/region is going for a standard?
> IMHO, (as long as the authorities (in US: FCC) say that the amateurs
> should make their standards), the amateur radio associations. But even
> then, the individuals owning their stations are entitled to do as they
> like, as long as they are inside legal limits (like bandwidth,
> identifier)
The "who" should either be the node/repeater mananger at NRRL. Or he 
could be asking for a recomandation/ideas for all the sysops that is 
responsible for the DIGIpeaters.

NRRL stated for some years ago that they didn't want to "manange" APRS 
as it is just the same thing as the node network (so they though)

And even without some papermill the sysops who presumably know what they 
are doing or at least have some experience with the setup can come with 
some recomandations so that theres at least one standard in each country.

The the node/repeater manager can say that if you want a callsign for a 
permanent DIGIpeater then you should apply to this setup. i-e 
new-WIDEn-N or TRACEn-N if not you are not permitted.

Home DIGIs is another topic but don't think we should take this here :o)

FCC you say...I'll agree that the standard should be something the HAMs 
agree to do, not FCC
And i know that the statement from Norway is that foreign users is 
required to use LA prefix.
This has more to do with APRS not following the rules. But for this 
thers a fix as you say with the StatusText.

But APRS is a standard and theres a protocol so why is everybody not 
following this standard and prefer to use other settings than i.e the 
new widen-n ??

So i think its the manangers or sysops that have to agree. Permanent 
digis with LD signatures should not be allowed to use different setup. 
The 2MHz shift on 70cm took 2years for everybody to change or set the 
repeater QRT.

For one APRS setup in Norway it should not take longer....

Maybe new-WIDEn-N should accept RELAY then its compatible with TRACEn-N 
and we have to get people using the KPC to  change hardware.

Kai Gunter

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