[aprssig] HF Gateway Stations

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 6 18:06:05 CST 2007

> > 4)     The findu link shown on the page may or may not 
> > truely show what is out there since it is only sorting 
> > by symbol.  The list  assumes that all gateways use 
> > the diamond-G icon. 

Thanks Stephen, but where is the "/&" symbol referred to as a

That is one of the oldest APRS symbols dating back to 1993.  And
it has always been called HF-GATE.  Though in the 1996 time
frame I tried to get everyone to start using the GATE overlays
so that we could have many more different types of GATEways and
make better use of our symbols..

Anyway, if it is referered to as a "diamond-G" then maybe we
need to update that reference.

Oh, and all Igates are supposed to be using the "I&" symbol
which is the GATE with an "I" overlay.  I think that still has
people using the wrong symbol for years and years...


> > Many other stations are  gating but not 
> > using that symbol and thus don't show in the list. 

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