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[aprssig] HF Gateway Stations

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Feb 7 01:11:40 UTC 2007

bruninga at usna.edu wrote:
>>> 4)     The findu link shown on the page may or may not 
>>> truely show what is out there since it is only sorting 
>>> by symbol.  The list  assumes that all gateways use 
>>> the diamond-G icon. 
> Thanks Stephen, but where is the "/&" symbol referred to as a
> "diamond-G"?  
> That is one of the oldest APRS symbols dating back to 1993.  And
> it has always been called HF-GATE.  Though in the 1996 time
> frame I tried to get everyone to start using the GATE overlays
> so that we could have many more different types of GATEways and
> make better use of our symbols..
> Anyway, if it is referered to as a "diamond-G" then maybe we
> need to update that reference.
> Oh, and all Igates are supposed to be using the "I&" symbol
> which is the GATE with an "I" overlay.  I think that still has
> people using the wrong symbol for years and years...

I just referrred to that way as a short-hand way of describing it's 
appearance instead of the code used to select it. 

In all the software I've ever used, and on findu, and in the updated 
symbol sets I have distributed up to the current "Rev H" that are 
derived from the US customary symbol set originated by K4HG,  the 
primary set "ampersand code" yields a black diamond (i.e. square rotated 
45 degrees) with a yellow letter "G" on it -- not as an overlay code but 
part of the base artwork of the symbol. 

I don't think anyone is using a secondary code plus overlay character to 
do this for an HF gateway.   At least, none that I have seen.  Indeed I 
have seen the opposite a number of times on VHF in my travels.  People 
are using the primary  /& "diamond-G"  symbol to identify a two-meter igate.

Anything that depends on overlaid symbols from the secondary set will 
simply not show on many users displays since many of the clients just 
don't support the secondary overlay technique at all,  or have 
out-of-date/incomplete symbol sets, or both. 


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