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[aprssig] APRS new-N Statistics

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 8 16:18:05 UTC 2007

The New-N Paradigm Works!

Today's APRS stats in Maryland, 39N/76.5W at 80' HAAT:

* 241 total Heard RF-only at least once in last 24 hrs
*      66 fixed (1 +SA, 3 DOS, 8 WIN, 54 UI)
*      45 Digis (1 Trace, 3 Paccom, 4-L, 5-N, 32-S)
*      20 WX stations
*     104 Mobiles
*         85 D700
*          7 D7's
*          6 Mic-E trackers
*          3 trackers (other)
*          2 NMEA
*          1 Uiview mobile

Yet with 80' HAAT antenna, 144.39 is quiet typically 70 % of the
time (at 10 AM after rush hour).  Compared to before the New-N
Paradigm which was wall-to-wall packets.  With this much
quiet,reliability is up for local users.  The biggest load are 2
trackers that seem to be hitting near 90 packets per hour (using
smart beaconing, I think).

My RF-only range area appears to be about 120 miles but my ALOHA
circle is about 60 miles average, but shrinks to about 45 miles
during morning rush hour with many of the mobiles active.  In
that 45 mile ALOHA area (1030 AM), there were 115 total ACTIVE
stations, only 11 active mobiles, 11 digis, and 4 wx stations.

PATHS look pretty good too (New-N does work)!

1%  still trying to use RELAY (most won't get to me)
8%  still trying to use WIDE  (ditto)
13% using W3-3
71% using W2-2
22% using W1-1

These days, I mostly only monitor APRS while mobile with my
D700.  I see over 90% of the mobiles in this area are also able
to -see- APRS around them too with APRS displays.  That is why I
think it is so important to get those recommended travelers
voice repeater objects on the air, to serve those mobile

See how: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/localinfo.html

APRS is to serve mobiles and provide relevant local info to
travelers as well as provide comms.  During this same 24 hours I
saw only 3 user messages, some WX bulletins and some DX queries
and responses, but not much human interaction.  Maybe more
people need the D700 external Keyboard interface by W2FS to make
typing easier in the mobile (while stopped).  Voice-alert is
also a great hands-free means of communicating between mobiles.

For details on these subjects see:

Voice Alert: 

D700 keyboard kit:

New-N Paradigm to FIX 144.39 IN YOUR AREA:


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