[aprssig] Smart Beaconing and Corner Pegging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 8 16:32:24 CST 2007

> Subject: [aprssig] Smart Beaconing and Corner Pegging
> Is there somewhere that describes the computer logic behind 
> these concepts?  I've heard people mention them, and would 
> simply like to understand them more.  Thank you!

There is smart beaconing which sends packets at ideal positions
and changes to give a smoother track, and higher rate when
maneuvering.  But there is also the newer concept of
Proportional Pathing which maintains a high rate DIRECT and
local, while reducing the rate farther away, actually reducing
the load on the network.  

And proportional pathing is independent of user settings, making
it much less vulnerable to user mistakes which seems to be the
biggest problems with users and paths and tracker settings.

SO there are two schools of opinion...  I think Proportional
Pathing has a lot to offer.  Here is the link to Proportional


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