[aprssig] APRS Icons on Garmin Receivers

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From: "Wes Johnston, AI4PX" <wes at kd4rdb.com>
> While it's a neat idea..... packet audio is muted for use with voice alert.
> Also, you forfeit the smart beaconing of the T2.  Not that either of these
> are deal breakers....  You know, sometimes when I plug my d700 in, it comes
> on, and other times it does not... something in the PM modes, but I'm just
> not sure what.  Sure would be nice if the T2 power switch option would auto
> turn on my d700 at the power jack as soon as my GPS gets a fix.

Not sure smart beaconing is a desirable feature in all cases.  Many users are 
not interested in tracking themselves, but are interested in acquiring 
information from other users or data sources (Wx objects etc).  

As you pointed out, you cannot use voice alert with Tracker2  and the D700 
(unless it is possible to obtain the audio at the discriminator etc).  

While Tracker2 appears to have impressive capabilities, it may not be suitable 
for users simply wanting to use an existing D7/D700 or TNC to acquire data for 
display on a GPS.  

I would be interested in a device which sends detailed Waypoint info to my GPS 
using the Garmin Protocol and APRS icons,  yet preserves all of the features 
available with the D7/D700.  

Bill KC9XG

> Wes

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