[aprssig] HF Gateway Stations

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 10 07:50:00 CST 2007

In Setup,Station Setup, UI-View32 has symbol labels of:
> HF Gateway  /& (black diamond wth G, no overlay 
> No. Diam'd  \& (black diamond,       any overlay 
> No. Diamond \a (red diamond,         any overlay 

The original Intentions for these symbols was:

* G-Diamond = HF Gateway
* Overlayed Diamond = Other Gates (Igates with I overay)
* ARRL Diamond = This diamond was supposed to look like the ARRL logo to imply an amateur radio service of some kind.  The various overlays would tell what kind of service.  This symbol was supposed to look similar to the original NTS symbol used in APRS (A gold diamond with NTS overlay), but then this new ARRL symbol would accept any overlay character such as to represent ARES, RACES, etc....


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