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[aprssig] RE: European Digipeating standards

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Sat Feb 10 20:22:34 UTC 2007

Jan LA2BBA wrote:
> >Working toward a effective and efficient "universal" path system for VHF
> >travelers too?  Think "traceable WIDEn-N"
> I do. And I would welcome it. But for quite some time, I see that I
> and other APRS hams will have to travel around, remembering where to
> change path....
> My digi, standing close to the LA/SM border, will for the time being
> allow both WIDEn-N (traceable) and TRACEn-N (UIflood, just to let them
> through) packets (n<4), and even RELAY. Eventually, it will be reduced
> to a fill-in, when our club has set up its digi.
> --
> 73 de Jan, LA2BBA
> Hvaler, Norway

Thanks!  That's a very helpful interim step, and so easy to setup using
Ui-View32 as a digi!
Fine business!
73, Cap

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