[aprssig] APRS Icons on Garmin Receivers

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Feb 11 04:02:35 CST 2007

scott at opentrac.org wrote:
>> I would be interested in a device which sends detailed 
>> Waypoint info to my GPS 
>> using the Garmin Protocol and APRS icons,  yet preserves all 
>> of the features 
>> available with the D7/D700.  
> Will the D700 output raw packet data to the serial port in APRS mode?  If
> so, I could do a stripped-down version of the T2 firmware that'd handle the
> decoding and Garmin output.

Probably the simplest thing would be to leave the T2 stock and feed it 
fixed-level receive audio from the D700's 6-pin Mini-DIN packet/data 
connector.  (The D700 has connections for an external TNC even though it 
has one internally.)   You can take your pick of raw unsquelched 
discriminator audio or squelched, de-emphasized RX audio , both at 
constant level.   

The only disadvantage is that the audio on this jack follows whichever 
side of the radio is selected for mike PTT, meaning that anytime you are 
NOT in a voice QSO on the right side, you need to push the left vol 
control to transfer PTT to the left side.   


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